Slider for wire system


Slider to connect to Mul10 ProSafe® wire system.
Stainless acid-proof steel AISI 316
Max. 1 person per glider

The slider is removable and includes a carabiner - allowing you to pass anchor points/safety feet without having to unhook and re-hook, so you can easily move freely on the roof.
It is easily clicked over the wire (8mm) and locked by inserting the carabiner into the hole. When you're done using the fall protection system, simply unhook it and store it in the included bag, possibly together with your harness kit.

See basic harness sets or luxury harness sets

The slider is tested and approved according to the applicable standards for fall protection EN 795:2012 and CEN/TS 16415:2013.
NOTE: This slider is only approved for use on the Mul10 ProSafe wire system.

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