The roofer's fall protection system

Mul10 ProSafe® is a Danish produced and patented anchoring system for personal safety on roofing felt and foil roofs.

Roof installation

Quality assured fall protection

Mul10 ProSafe is one of the country's leading suppliers of quality-assured fall protection for roof structures.

It's very important to have fall protection in place. This is equipment that secures employees while they are maintaining or repairing the roof or roof structure. Should they lose their balance, they are safely caught in the fall. The Mul10 ProSafe fall arrest system includes a safety foot, wire and slider. The solution is 100% waterproof and can be placed with a 10 meter distance between the posts, which gives more freedom in terms of placement of the safety system.

Accessories for fall protection systems

A Mul10 Prosafe fall protection system consists of different parts that are all tested according to applicable standards and all made of stainless acid-proof steel AISI 316

Control system

About the Mul10 Prosafe fall protection system

Mul10 Prosafe is a professional anchoring system produced in Denmark and serves as a personal safety device for roofing felt and foil roofs. The safety foot has integrated cardboard/foil and is mounted on the finished roof, with one centered anchorage in the roof's substrate. It is tested in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute, and like all fall protection equipment, it must be inspected annually for quality assurance.

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Installation and inspection training

Roofers are offered a free course in installation and inspection of our entire product range. We enter into a partnership with you as a roofer so that you become certified in installing and making service agreements for "your own" fall protection. We are a manufacturer and your supplier of materials and fall protection equipment.

Roof inspection

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Do you have questions about fall protection and our system, are you interested in a training course or do you need fall protection design including quotes for materials and fall protection equipment?
Whatever your needs, we are ready with professional advice and sparring in the field. So don't hesitate to contact us.

Our set of fall protection systems

We offer fall protection kits that are designed for both a fall arrest and fall arrest system. The kits come in a waterproof bag so you can store all your gear protected from rain and moisture.
Like all fall protection equipment, kits must be inspected annually and can only be installed by certified Mul10 Prosafe installers.

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