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About Fall Protection

Fall protection from MUL10 PROSAFE

Mul10 ProSafe is one of the country's leading suppliers of quality-assured fall protection for roof structures. This is equipment that protects employees while they are maintaining or repairing the roof or roof structure. Should they lose their balance, they are safely caught in the fall.

Fall protection from Mul10 ProSafe is a professional anchoring system for personal safety on cardboard and foil roofs. The patented safety foot is the smart solution when installing fall protection on cardboard and foil roofs.

The Mul10 ProSafe safety foot acts as an anchor point for fall protection. It is center-mounted and equipped with an integrated cardboard flange for a quick and tight installation.

Fall protection on roofs

Roof fall protection is an essential measure to ensure worker safety when working at heights. It's particularly important in industries where working on roof surfaces is a regular part of the job, such as construction, property maintenance and rooftop installation. Fall protection on roofs is not only essential to protect workers from potential falls, but also to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation, so you don't open yourself up to potential legal action should accidents occur. Our system is designed to prevent falls or limit damage in the event of a fall.

When fall protection on flat roofs, there are special considerations to take into account. While a flat roof may seem less risky, dangerous situations can still occur, especially in wet or slippery conditions. Therefore, it's important to implement appropriate fall protection systems and safety protocols that are adapted to the specific challenges of working on flat roofs.

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Installation of PROSAFE fall protection

The Mul10 ProSafe safety foot is a Danish-made quality product that has a direct mechanical attachment to the roof structure from under the insulation layer up to the attached Mul10 ProSafe bracket.

This way, the safety foot is always kept on top of the roofing felt without sinking into the insulation. This prevents settling around the safety foot and the resulting risk of water ingress.

Mul10 ProSafe safety foot underlay has a 100 mm overlay to the bottom sheet and 100 mm overlay to the underlay according to the requirements of the roofing felt manufacturers.

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Rules for fall protection

Danish legislation specifies rules for fall protection, which in practice are checked by the Danish Working Environment Authority. This means, among other things, that effective safety measures must be in place when working at heights above 2 meters. In addition, individual fall protection equipment must be used on flat roofs with a free fall height of 3.5m if no other collective protection is in place. Furthermore, you must not work with fall protection equipment on for more than 4 hours at a time. You can read more about all this and much more at the link below, where we go through the current rules for fall protection.

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Requirement for annual inspection of fall protection

All fall protection equipment must undergo an annual inspection to be used legally. This applies to both your personal harness and the permanent fall protection system on the roof.

Mul10 Prosafe's registered installers are authorized to perform these annual inspections of your fall protection equipment. They are trained in the correct installation of the products, including performing the required pull tests on the safety feet/anchorage points. Pull tests are performed both during installation and during the annual inspections.

With our QR system, all documentation is digitally accessible.

All safety feet are registered via the unique QR codes in our production, so they can be tracked in the system. Once mounted on the roof, they are again registered with unique sequential numbers.

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We prioritize your safety

At Mul10 ProSafe, we are acutely aware of the importance of prioritizing safety during roofing work. Putting safety first when working on roofs is crucial, not only for the physical wellbeing of workers, but also for the mental peace of mind while performing the work. Workers who feel safe are more productive and less likely to take unnecessary risks.

One of the main benefits of investing in proper fall protection systems is accident prevention. Falls from heights are one of the most common causes of serious injuries and fatalities in the construction industry. By using effective fall protection systems, these tragic incidents can be avoided, protecting workers and reducing the risk of legal repercussions.

Fall protection can also be seen, in part, as an investment in a company's reputation. Companies that prioritize worker safety build a positive reputation among both employees and customers. This can lead to increased trust and business opportunities as customers and partners prefer to work with responsible companies.

Through careful planning and using the right fall protection methods, companies can ensure that their employees are protected and can do their jobs efficiently and safely. This creates a work environment where safety is always paramount, and where all employees feel valued and protected.

Fall protection equipment

The equipment you use for fall protection varies from situation to situation. It depends on the type of roof you're working on, what safety measures are already in place, how long you'll be working at height, how high you're working at and much more.

We offer everything in modern fall protection equipment. This includes our patented safety foot, wire, wire tensioners, sliders, various types of comfortable harnesses, and all other equipment and materials needed to establish an effective and efficient fall protection system.

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Fall protection course

We train roofers to install and service Mul10 ProSafe fall protection systems themselves. The course provides participants with a thorough overview of all the necessary knowledge they need to start installing the Mul10 ProSafe fall protection system.

This gives roofers more revenue opportunities, such as being able to earn extra money on the legally required annual servicing of the equipment, as well as being able to include the installation of fall protection as part of a total offer to their customers,

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Why choose a fall protection system from Mul10 ProSafe?

There are many benefits to choosing a fall protection system from Mul10 ProSafe. Our patented safety foot is specifically designed to be easy to install while delivering the best safety quality on the market. In addition, our fall protection equipment is the only one produced here in Denmark, which means we don't have long delivery times, high transportation costs or burden the environment with unnecessary transportation of equipment from abroad.

Our system also does not require specialist installers, but can be installed by a large network of roofers who are certified Mul10 ProSafe installers. We also offer a warranty on our system that matches the roof's warranty. So there are many good reasons to choose a fall protection system from Mul10 ProSafe, and at the link below you can explore a list of even more benefits.

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Danish quality for fall protection

Mul10 Prosafe is the only fall protection system developed and produced in Denmark. In close dialog with roofers and consultants, we have developed a product that meets their wishes and requirements in terms of installation, tightness, quality and documentation.

All our products are made from durable materials with a focus on quality and sustainability. For example, all Mul10 ProSafe fittings are made of acid-proof stainless steel AISI 316.

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Tested by technological institute

Mul10 ProSafe fall protection equipment is tested and approved according to the EN 795:2012 standard, which deals with the anchorage point for fall protection. The safety foot, and the other safety equipment in the Mul10 ProSafe series, undergoes ongoing manufacturing inspections by the Danish Technological Institute to ensure that the high safety standard is maintained.

See our TGA approval from ETA Denmark:

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