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Fall protection


Fall protection system

Fall protection system

The roofer's fall protection system

Patented fall protection system for cardboard and foil roofs

Mul10 ProSafe® is a professional anchoring system for personal safety on roofing felt and foil roofs.

Registered MUL10 PROSAFE® installer

To obtain warranty on Mul10 ProSafe® products, installation must only be carried out by registered Mul10 ProSafe® Installers who have completed training/course at Mul10 ProSafe A/S.

After completing a course at Mul10 ProSafe A/S, the registered installer is authorized to install all Mul10 ProSafe® products, as well as to perform quality assurance and annual inspections.

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Advantages of MUL10 PROSAFE

  • Where other systems require specialized installers, we train the roofer to become a certified installer of Mul10 ProSafe.
  • We offer up to a 15-year watertightness guarantee - follows the roof's warranty.
  • Simple (free) training to become a registered installer.
  • Additional sales can be achieved by selling subscriptions to the annual service check (legal requirement).
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Fast and secure installation (center instead of corner mounting).
  • The roofer can be safe from day one.
  • The roofer can offer to install fall protection immediately (for other systems, a specialist company must be called in first).
Omada 80-25

MUL10 PROSAFE safety foot

Mul10 ProSafe's patented safety foot is the smart solution when installing fall protection on cardboard and foil roofs. The Mul10 ProSafe® safety foot acts as an anchor point for fall protection. It is center-mounted and equipped with an integrated cardboard flange for a quick and tight installation.


We follow the applicable warranty rules, cf. AB 18. In addition to the standard 5-year product warranty, Mul10 ProSafe® Safety Foot follows the applicable roofing felt manufacturer's warranty (typically 10-15 years), provided that the installation is carried out by a registered Mul10 ProSafe® Installer and according to Mul10 ProSafe's installation instructions. For projects with an extended warranty on the roofing felt roof, the Mul10 ProSafe® Safety Foot follows this warranty - contact Mul10 Pro Safe for more information about the extended warranty.

Test and technical report

Mul10 ProSafe® has been tested and certified in accordance with the following standards in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute, the tests have been carried out in accordance with DS/EN 795:2012: Personal fall protection equipment - Anchorage devices. As well as DS/CEN/TS 16415:2013: Recommendations for anchorage devices to be used by several persons simultaneously.

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Packed in boxes

The safety feet are packed in boxes with a complete installation kit for both cold and hot roofs - for concrete, steel and plywood. The safety foot itself is located at the bottom of the box, so the roofing felt remains flat.

Each box also includes cutting templates, installation instructions and documentation/quality assurance forms.

Box unraveling


Inspection in progress

All users of this equipment must understand and follow all instructions for the system. Failure to do so may result in serious injury. Only use the equipment if you have received proper training. In case of serious medical conditions of the user, it is not recommended to use fall protection equipment as it affects safety. Do not use the fall protection equipment/anchoring system in extreme temperatures (abnormal conditions). The harness and lanyard of the fall arrest system must not come into contact with sharp edges during work or transportation.


The Mul10 ProSafe anchoring system must be installed by a registered Mul10 ProSafe Installer. Remember to fill in the installation form, which must then be kept in the building where the system is installed. The installation must follow the installation instructions and may only be carried out on the designated structures. Do not make any changes to the system or additions with non-original parts.

  • The user must be instructed in the safe use of fall protection equipment.
  • The capacity of the anchoring system for the number of users must not be exceeded.
  • The anchorage system must not be used for purposes other than fall protection.
  • The anchorage system must not be used if it has been used to arrest a fall, if it has been subjected to any other load that may have reduced its durability, if it has been repaired, or if there is any doubt about the continued suitability of the equipment, unless the equipment has been inspected by a qualified person.

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