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Fall protection course

Fall protection course

We provide training in the installation and inspection of Mul10 Prosafe fall protection.

We do not install and inspect our fall protection ourselves. Roofers are offered free training in the installation of the anchoring system and inspection of our entire product range, including harnesses. We enter into a partnership with you as a roofer so that you become certified in installing and making service agreements for "your own" fall protection. We are a manufacturer and your supplier of materials and fall protection equipment.

Do you or other employed roofers need to be a certified Mul10 Prosafe installer? Please contact us for more information.

Thursday, October 6, 2022, we had 17 roofers from Søren's Tagdækning A/S on a course. They are now certified in installation and service inspection of Mul10 Prosafe fall protection.

Installation Guide

- Are you interested in how the installation works?

- Want to be prepared before your course?

- Do you have a course certificate but want a refresher on installation?

If nothing else, the assembly instructions can be downloaded below.

Mounting the safety foot

Agenda for installer course

-Assembly walkthrough
-Pull test
-If necessary Questions
-QR system

Benefits of an installer course

You will receive a certificate and a personal installer card with a QR code that is used as a login for registration and inspection of the installed fall protection. A certificate allows you to earn money on installation and service agreements (annually), as roof safety is a legal requirement if the roof is to be maintained. Fall protection is therefore often included in the tender documents.

The certificate follows you - not the company. This means that the certificate remains with you if you change to another employer.

During the course, catering is offered, depending on the number of participants and the time of day it is held. After the course, there is an opportunity for a tour of Mul10 Prosafe and Mul10 Metal's production 1.

The course is free2 and takes about a couple of hours. We will accommodate any need for the course. Therefore, we offer the following:
- Held in our course room - Recommended
- Online across teams
- Other agreed location 3

1(Only possible when held in a course room)

2 (Only applicable to roofers)

3 (Against charge for mileage)

What does a fall protection course at Mul10 ProSafe involve?

A fall protection course at Mul10 ProSafe provides you with a thorough review of all the knowledge you need to install ProSafe products and ensure they are used correctly. The course takes place in one day at our facilities, where you will be extensively trained in the following:

  • All parts and elements of the system
  • Mounting the safety foot on the different construction types
  • Installation of the associated wiring system
  • Use of tensile testing equipment
  • Performing annual inspections of fall protection systems and harnesses
  • Placement of fall protection on the roof
  • Using the QR system on both mobile and desktop

The course itself is usually held at our premises, and you need to set aside a few hours to attend. On the day of the course, one or more of our skilled subject matter experts will make sure you get all the information you need. There will also be time during the course for in-depth questions to ensure that you leave with a complete understanding of the system.

We are both serious and ambitious about safety, which is also the reason why we run these courses. If installers don't have a thorough understanding of the system's elements and its use, fatal errors can quickly occur in the installation or ongoing use of the system. This can be remedied by ensuring thorough training of the relevant professionals.

Understand the rules

In our course, you will be thoroughly familiarized with the applicable fall protection regulations. It is important to be aware of which rules apply in different work contexts. Responsibilities, opportunities and requirements can vary from situation to situation, and it is therefore relevant to know which ones apply in your context.

Therefore, the course will introduce you to

  • Fall protection legislation
  • What are the employer's responsibilities & duties
  • What responsibility does the employee have
  • How long & how to work with fall protection
  • How high you can work without fall protection
  • How to create an emergency plan for fall protection

We look forward to seeing you at our training course so you can be prepared to install & service the ProSafe fall protection system.